She's three!

Good times had by all. Such was Rebekah's birthday yesterday.

Seth and I were downstairs already when she woke up and found us. I wished her a happy birthday, and she immediately wanted to know where the "thing" in the back of the van was.

Back story: The day before I had secretly bought her present, then put it in the back of the van. I pulled it out of the sack to show while at my parents' house, and when the girls and I got home, Bekah unbuckled herself and found the present. She wanted so BADLY to know what it was, but I said she needed to wait until her birthday the next day.

So when she asked for it, Seth and I pulled out a giant gift bag where she finally got to learn what the "thing" was. Play dishware and plastic food. Hooray!

Rebekah enjoying a cup of tea. Later, Seth asked for peppermint tea. She said she didn't have any. So I asked her what kind of tea it was. Her response: "Metamorphosis tea."

She and Ana occupied themselves with that for quite a while. Then we packed up and went to the zoo to celebrate all our family's spring birthdays. Seth's favorite part of the zoo trip is the dire warning he received from Bekah in the petting zoo. She was very wary of the goats, and so she whispered in her daddy's ear, "Daddy, let's get out of here before the goats get us" in a very sincere tone.

Needless to say, she survived those ferocious goats.

She doesn't like the goats, yet she gladly took a drink from the lion's-mouth-drinking fountain ...

She bravely rode on a tiger's back. Granted, they were fake animals, and the goats were real. Too real for Bekah.

After lunch and naps, Bekah got to check out her new pool. That's right. We got a pool. Check out our awesome coolness:

That's one mighty fine pool there. Seth was brave enough to join her.

Bekah had to chase the beach ball because it was windy.

Then it was dinner and the traditional birthday cake. Bekah got to pick out the cake type. Thank you, Better Homes and Gardens, for the idea and instructions. You're a lifesaver.

Monkey cake and Rebekah. Ana eagerly awaits her piece in the background.

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