put a cap in it

Imagine this: it's 6:15 AM. I'm awake: one of the girls has needed re-tucking in, birds outside our window have woken me up, I need to check to see if the toilet is still working. Something like that. Anyway, I've got to get up for work in a half hour or so anyway, so I rub my eyes and wander downstairs and turn on the computer. "I'll check my blog roll," I think. "That'll kill a few minutes."

So I start opening up your blogs, middle-clicking the links until five or six of them are open in my browser's tabs. Then it happens. A deafening cacophony, an unintended medley of U2, Googoo Dolls, Doughtry, Rascal Flats, and Roy Orbison. My gears grind as I click to each tab, searching for the pause button.

Well, no more.

Thanks to Adblock Plus, a terrific add-on for Firefox, I have added rules to block ALL of your music players. HA! I've retaken control of what was once mine. I don't come stand outside your window, boombox blasting Peter Gabriel, and now, I'll listen to my music on my own time. Ha, ha!

Rant over. If any of you, gentle readers, are peevish at me, I present this nugget of hilarity as a peace offering so we don't have to resort to fisticuffs. I'd probably give you what for, anyway.

(It won't run automatically, you have to click play. Manners, you know.)