Our Trip to the Great White North

Every six months or so our little family packs up the things necessary for our survival (I can't believe it takes an entire pickup-bed load of stuff to take two little girls 75 miles away for two days) and stay a weekend at Grandpa and Grandma Hendricks' cabin in Island Park.

I took off from work a little early Friday night and came home to find Andrea with the pickup all packed and ready to go (she always does all the hard work). Despite some backed up traffic between here and Ucon due to a wreck, the slowest gas pump in the world at Horkley's in Rexburg, and semi-treacherous roads between here and Saint Anthony, our trip up was pretty uneventful. Ana and Bekah got to share a bedroom while Andrea and I watched "Casino Royale" and the slept on the hide-a-bed in the front room. By the way, if anybody lost a black hole, it's probably in that hide-a-bed, because whenever we sleep there we always somehow tend to get sucked in to the middle. Not the most comfortable. Oh well...

Saturday was full of playing, playing, Disney Movies, and more playing. Bekah was fascinated with the Hot Wheels cars and track we pulled out of the back room for her. She named them: Dewey, Izzy, Blackie, Carlos, and "the Silver Surfer." Okay, I helped her a little. Bekah's idea of playing with cars is handing one to Mommy or Daddy with the explanation "You be this one, and I'll be this one," then crashing them into each other or driving them off of things. Fun, fun.

After we got breakfast eaten and Ana in bed for a nap a little later on in the Morning, we went out to play in the snow. The only problem was the top of the snow was about 8 feet off the actual ground, so it was pretty much impossible for us, let alone our midget child, to walk around in. So, we pulled her around the plowed roads for a few minutes on the sled. When we got back to the cabin it was time "to make me some hot chocolate, so I don't get cold very much."

Later we went back out and built a snow cave. Not really much of a snow cave, granted, but I just wanted to make one big enough for Bekah to be able to stand up in.

We did tinfoil dinner that night and baths to get ready for church the next day. Ana was a pretty good trooper the whole time, only crying when she tipped over. She's at that stage where she wants to climb up on everything and pull herself up, but doesn't quite have the whole balance and support thing figured out yet.

Andrea and I put the girls to bed and watched "I Am Legend" (best... movie... ever) before going to sleep ourselves.

This morning we would have gotten up and gone to church there in Island Park, but they were having the temple dedication instead, so we just went back to the cabin, got packed up, and headed home.

Pictures are available for all to see in the gallery.