the five-finger discount

So Saturday night we decided to treat the family to a little Chinese buffet. Following dinner, we stopped by Fred Myers to buy Rice Krispies so we could make these incredible caramel Rice Krispie treats for the Scott family Super Bowl party. We deposited the girls in a shopping cart: Bekah sitting in the basket and Ana (in her carseat) in the upper seat area.

Inside the store, Seth and I scoured the shelves only to discover that the generic Rice Krispies were all gone. Being too cheap to shell out over $4 for the real thing, we left without buying anything so we could go to Winco instead. (Their bulk bins never let us down.)

We pushed the cart out to our car, and then Seth and I discovered that our oldest child is practicing to be a thief. In her hands was this:

Yup. A honkin' huge box of Froot Loops. Apparently the security at Fred Myers is somewhat lacking. And apparently our little two-year-old has sticky fingers.

Just so nobody thinks less of us or tries reporting us to the authorities, Seth ran back inside with the box and deposited it on the appropriate shelf while I packed the girls back into the car.

Needless to say, I watched Bekah's hands very closely as we went to Wal-Mart today.