This year was the only year we will have two girls shooting off rockets at Fairview. All 4th-6th graders are invited to make rockets, so we got to go to the school at 8:30 to see Analee's and then 10 to see Rebekah's.

Miriam cheesing for the camera while watching rockets with her 1st grade peers. All the teachers bring their students out to watch for a while.

Analee stands with the three other kids who are shooting off rockets -- and whose rockets did go while hers stubbornly stayed put. It took a second try for hers to go.

Analee's failed launch.

And a successful one.

Chasing her rocket.

Seth helping her find the right rocket. Sometimes the kids lose track of which is theirs when they're so high.

Analee's poor scrunched rocket after its second flight. Her parachute didn't open up after either launch, so her rocket didn't float gently to the ground like it should have.

Rebekah with her rocket.

Her first flight ended on the 6th grade trailer's roof. Mr. Oswald is more than a janitor; he's a superhero.

Bekah clotheslining her rocket after its second launch. All students who catch their rocket before it hits the ground receive extra applause.
Video of Rebekah' launch.

Winnie throwing up fistfuls of grass to show how her "airplane" flies. 

Winnie was recruited to press the button for one of the specialty rockets they fly at the end.