Andrea is 33

I celebrated my birthday more than a month ago, but I just realized I hadn't posted about the celebration my sweet girls prepared for me.

Seth was hunting that week of my birthday. When he realized he'd be gone for it, he tried to tell me he'd rework his schedule to be home for it, but I told him it was fine if he was hunting on my birthday. To make up for it, he ordered my present early, and by the time my birthday rolled around, I could already play several songs on my new ukulele.

The girls knew I share a birthday with Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, and when they realized that I'd be turning 33 — the same age Frodo turns at the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring — they knew I needed a hobbit birthday bash.

Rebekah, Miriam and Analee with the hobbit hole birthday cake they decorated.

Close-up of the cake. The sprinkles made it very gritty.

The balloon Analee decorated.

The balloons Miriam decorated.

The front yard where the festivities were held.

Playing a game of "Pin the nose on the hobbit," which Miriam had prepared.

More "Pin the nose on the hobbit" shenanigans.