Nerding it up in Snowbird

No one will contest the fact that I am a nerd. Always have been. And I will continue in my nerdy ways until my dying day (which will probably involve some sort of freak Star Wars paraphernalia accident).

That being said, Seth is actually taking vacation days to attend a Jostens yearbook workshop with me in Snowbird, Utah, this week. Yeah ... time off for yearbookies. Woo-hah! And I asked him to do it.

You see, my dad has been teaching at this workshop thing for 20+ years, and I have had the opportunity to go with him a few times. The first time I went, my little brother Tyson and I got to watch TV in Mom and Dad's hotel room while they attended classes. Years later I attended the workshop as a yearbook student. But the last few years I have come as the slide show producer.

Throughout the three-day workshop, photographers (including my dad and myself) shoot candids and group photos of the students and their advisers, and it is my responsibility to pull those elements together into a media production for all the attendees to watch after they receive their awards.

This requires a lot of time on my feet taking pictures, a lot of time in the hotel room working on the computer, and a lot of stress knowing that I have a huge deadline to face.

But I love it.

And Seth has been nice enough to accompany me this year. He's been the videographer/soundtrack producer/co-editor.

The awards ceremony starts at 3:45 p.m tomorrow, and so far we've been able to put together 2 minutes and 40 seconds of our 8.5-minute slide show.

Not the getaway most couples would envision. But for nerds like us, it works.