Science fair

When Miriam came home with information about the 2nd grade science fair, Analee became very indignant. In years past, both the 2nd and 5th grades have participated in the science fair, but Analee's 5th grade teacher had told them nothing about it. I later learned that because of this, Analee approached her teacher asking about THEIR science fair. She hadn't planned on them doing it this year, but Analee's interest led her to rethink that idea. So both of our Fairview girls got to experiment this year.

Analee chose to see if different colors of light could pass through various rocks and minerals. We borrowed samples from BYU-Idaho's geology department to conduct her experiment.

 Analee writing down the sample types and formulating a hypothesis.

 Writing down her results.

Some of the rocks and minerals let the colored lights pass through just fine like this red light on gypsum.

A few wouldn't let any light through like this blue light on travertine.

The 2nd graders had their experiments assigned to them. Miriam got to see how difficult it would be to write if she were blind.

Trying to hit the bullseye on a target with her arm outstretched and her eyes closed. 

Writing her name with her eyes open. 

Writing it with them closed. 

Surprised at the results.

She makes the funniest faces.

Then on October 19, Seth took the three younger girls to the school to see everyone's displays and so Analee could demonstrate her project to passersby while I took Rebekah to her band concert at the middle school.

Miriam with her "Closed Eyes" project. 

Analee with her "Color Rocks!" project.