Space exhibit

The girls had been asking to go to the Museum of Idaho's latest exhibit, but we couldn't go without Seth (since astronomy is one of his hobbies). So for Family Home Evening on the 11th, we opted for an activity and experienced "Space: A Journey to Our Future."

Analee at a rover piloting simulation. 

Rebekah and her rover. 

Seth (I think) explaining gravity and the lack thereof in space.  

Seth showing Winnie and Miri a YouTube video. 

Rebekah, Miriam and Analee riding the space bike. Seth and I took a turn after they finished. Winnie was too short to ride.  

Winnie using a computer to create a colony on Mars. 

Rebekah and the infrared camera. 

Analee virtually building a ship. 

 Miriam, Seth, Winnie, Bekah and Ana watching a video.