Rebekah's softball

I wanted to make sure Rebekah got on a softball team this year, so I opted to coach this one as well. I knew I couldn't do it without help, however, so I didn't sign on until I got Grandpa Scott to be my assistant.

Our team of 13 included girls from Rebekah's team last year, girls from her class at school and a few girls we met who didn't have enough for a team of their own, so they joined ours. Some of our girls hadn't ever played before. I don't know if any of our pitchers had ever pitched in a game before. But ours is a long-term plan, so we decided that everyone was welcome to play and pitch in a game.

As mentioned previously, Rebekah wasn't able to play for long. She spent most of the season cheering on her teammates from the bench and shagging balls for me at practice. On June 5, she broke her finger and got a splint. On June 22, the doctor swapped out her splint for miles of gauze and a wrap. On July 6, the doctor told her she could resume with athletics as long as she tapes her pinky to her ring finger.

I was ecstatic to find out that she would be able to play in our tournament. She participated in practice the day she heard the good news from the doctor, then spent the days between then and our last games pitching 100 balls a day.

However, I had already announced my pitching rotation for the tournament. We had four girls lined up to pitch--one per inning. We had only played two innings a game prior to the tournament, and the way the bracket was laid out, I figured we'd only be playing two games. I knew that unless something different happened, Rebekah wouldn't have the chance to pitch.

On Monday we faced our first opponents. We were seeded 6th and they were seeded 7th. We had played them twice before and won one game but lost the other. The tournament game moved quite slowly with the typical two innings, and we barely won 14-13. (Most of the points scored by both teams were due to pitchers walking batters.)

Immediately after that game we played the #1-seeded team. Their coaches were great sports and encouraged their batters to swing if the ball was even close to the strike zone. A lot more balls were hit this game, which resulted in a lot more outs and a lot more action.

With 9 minutes of game time left, the umps announced that we could play another half an inning. Our opponents didn't need to--they were well ahead of us and had last bats. But we got the go-ahead, and Rebekah was able to pitch.

We didn't make it to the full 3 outs or 7 runs, but Rebekah didn't walk a single batter. She didn't strike any out, either, but all we care about at this point is accuracy and not speed. It was such a blessing for her to have that experience before the end of the season.

We lost that game, but I couldn't have been happier. Our team did exceptionally well, and I was proud of all of them.

Rebekah batting in our game against Orange Crush. It's probably a good thing she walked both times she was a bat, since she's not even gripping the bat completely with her taped fingers. 

Walking home with Andrea base coaching at 3rd.

Rebekah pitching against Wicked with her friend Haley in the background at short.

Headed back to the dugout. See our team name? Rebekah picked it and the jersey color.

Our team (minus the three who couldn't make it to this game) at the end of our season. Grandpa Scott was on a trip during our tournament, and we missed him.