Random summer goings-on

That one blog post that includes lots of slapdashery.

Winnie and Winnie (June 16)
Winnie pushes around the paper version of herself in the stroller.

Ward barbecue at Rigby Lake (June 16)
Rebekah passes the time by reading her Kindle and camping out in her book nerd hoodie. 

Rebekah trades in her splint for a wrap (June 22)
After two weeks of the splint, the specialist removed it and put on the wrap, which she then wore for two more weeks.

Summer haircuts (June 23)
 Analee before.

 Analee before. 

  Miriam before.

  Miriam before. 

 Analee with her cute a-line.

 Analee with her cute a-line. 

 Miriam with her shoulder-length bob.

 Miriam with her shoulder-length bob.

Bathtime fun (June 27)
 Winnie with a mohawk. (Mohawk styling done by Miriam. Picture shot by Miriam.) 

McAfee company picnic (July 13)
Miriam's puppy dog face paint. 

Winnie's ladybug face paint. 

A wet Winnie enjoying a root beer on the curb. 

Cousin playdate/LEGO creating (July 13)
Miriam and Cooper. 

Library day (July 11)
Miriam reading a book to Winnie in the children's section. 

Acting for Kids at the library (July 18)
Miriam is prompted to say her line to Athena while Analee (Arachne) continues to weave. 

Winnie lying on the carpet. 

 Rebekah reading in the corner.

Beauty school (July 24)

Miriam the stylist dresses her sister and does her hair. 

Going to the bank is exhausting (July 24)
Winnie napping in her car seat with a sucker in her mouth.