With softball over for the summer, our schedule has opened up. The Friday following tournaments, we loaded up the truck and drove north to Harriman State Park to do some mountain biking.

We stuck to the easy trails, but it was still hot and Miriam's bike has but one gear. I pulled Winnie behind me in my brother's Weehoo since training wheels wouldn't cut it. In all, we biked 6 miles and saw trumpeter swans, cygnets, sandhill cranes, lupines, sego lilies, cinquefoils and a dead chipmunk in the middle of the trail. (Miriam nearly crashed trying to avoid it.)

I neglected to bring even my phone with me on the trail, so no pictures of us in action. But here's are some post-ride shots.

 Rebekah, Miriam, Winnie and Analee tired and sweaty.

Miriam biffed a couple of times, the second resulting in a scraped knee. She also rubbed off the skin between her thumb and finger on the handlebars. 

Andrea and Winnie in their helmeted glory. 

An attempt to get all of us in a shot to text back to Seth at work. "This is why people use selfie sticks," Rebekah told me. 

As we loaded the trucks, Analee asked if there was another trail we could go on either biking or hiking. So I took them on the half-mile John Muir trail to check out the river.