Analee's pitching machine

Back in April when baseball registration was being circulated, I asked Analee if she was going to play again this year. After much consideration, she told me no. I was surprised, but I knew she needed to choose for herself.

Weeks passed and the deadline grew closer. Two ladies coaching a pitching machine team called and asked if Analee would join their team. I again posed the question of playing to Analee, and after reconsidering, she decided to play.

I'm glad she did. Analee contributed to her team by hitting three home runs throughout the season and making lots of outs as pitcher and 1st baseman.

Their tournament was held at the beginning of week as well, and her team fared about the same as ours. They won their first game and lost their second, and since the bracket was a single elimination consolation, they were out of the running for ribbons. (I really hope they reconsider that next year and do the usual double elimination.)

Regardless, Analee did well and enjoyed the season (and occasional snowcone).

Leaping to home plate.

Fielding the ball at pitch.

Getting a hug from her teammate.

 (Partway through the season, Analee got a haircut. Hence the shorter ponytail here.) Getting the ball and ...

 ... tagging the runner.

On base.

Giving her coach a high five.

 Team gathering at the end of the tournament.

Giving her other coach a high five.