Christmas party

We love our ward Christmas party. But before this year, we had never been in charge of it.

Seth volunteered the Elders' Quorum to head the party up this year, and I volunteered to be the Primary presidency member in charge of the live nativity. Those responsibilities kept us busy, but we also relied on the support of others to have a wonderful party.

Miriam the angel reading Junie B. Jones after finishing her dinner.

Winnie sitting on Grandpa's Scott's lap.

Rebekah, Analee, Grandma Susan, Andrea and the other members of our ASL group sign/sing "Far, Far Away on Judea's Plains" while Miriam and Winnie jump in and participate.

Primary children gathering with their visual aids to sing "The Christmas Story Tree."

Winnie the cute angel.

Andrea supervising the Primary children and giving stage direction during the live nativity.

Rebekah (the donkey) and Analee (Mary) participate in the nativity. I think Analee is helpfully instructing a nursery-aged shepherd to exit stage right.

A full house watching the "Light the World" video put out by the church on the chapel's screen.

Seth emceeing the party.