Miriam's dance recital

Just like our other girls, Miriam started dance class during the fall of kindergarten. Unlike our other girls, she took dance from a lady near our home instead of a studio in town.

As a dance parent, I was able to observe lots of differences between the two. Although each has its strengths and weaknesses, I'm kicking myself over not having the older girls do this program over the other. I've loved every aspect of Miriam's dance this year (including the laid-back attitude about how to style the girls' hair for the recital.)

Back on May 11 and 12, Miriam had her first-ever dance rehearsal and recital at Rocky Mountain Middle School. She loved every minute of them.

(At the rehearsal, they wore the same costume to perform all three of their songs.)

Dancing with a "cane" (PVC painted black) during her piano mix.

Joining hands with the other girls in her group during the princess mix. (Notice how tall Miriam is compared to the other girls.)

Not sure what she's doing here, but I think it's adorable.

Dancing with a scarf during the princess mix.

Singing along with the "Once Upon a December" part of the princess mix.

Her teacher dancing with her during the partner part of the princess mix. 

Still singing. Gosh, this kid is cute.

Miriam in her piano mix dress before the recital.

Miriam in her princess mix dress. The girls could have any Disney princess dress they wanted; Miri chose Rapunzel.

Curtsying in her red balloon mix dress.

Each girl was given lights to pin/sew to her red dress that would show up when they dimmed the lights during the red balloon number. Instead of having random swirls and designs, we wrote a message.

Performing at the recital.

The girls were supposed to join hands and extend them into the air. I told Miri she could only go as high as her neighbors' arms reached. That prevented shoulders from getting dislocated.

So many princesses! (Miriam's eyes are visible behind the right-most Cinderella's shoulder.)

To see more pictures from the rehearsal/recital, start here.