Tree hunting

We took the family back up to the wilderness in search of the perfect Christmas tree. That is to say, Seth hauled us up the mountain on the four-wheeler, then found, cut and hauled the tree back down the mountain while I kept an eye on four little girls. He's good like that.

And for the first time, I took a camera with me. Usually I'm hauling a baby around in a wrap, pouch, sling or backpack and don't want to carry the extra weight. This time I determined that Winnie is old enough to walk, so I brought the camera. And then I hauled her most of the way back down because her legs were tired.

Miriam climbing up the hill. I love her mouse mittens.

I think this picture is so beautiful of Winnie, despite her tear and snotty nose. Why is she crying? Because I dared to look at a couple of trees instead of staying right by her side.

 Analee trudging through the snow.

Grandma Scott helping grandkids up the hill (Bennet, Shelby and Miriam) while Aunt McKall watches.

Rebekah (and her festive green hair) enjoying snacks back at the truck.