We're all Fancy Nancies

Whenever I dress up with the kids and park the car in the library parking lot, I feel a little panicky. "The themed party is really today, right? What if I got the time/date wrong? I'll look ridiculous going into the library like this."

I think that's how Seth felt today going to the library's Fancy Nancy party. But times 100.

Don't believe me? We took photos at the house before going to the library.


What a manly man, Seth is. As his wife, I can assure you that he has never worn women's clothes before. But when the library said, "We're having a Fancy Nancy party!" our girls said, "Great! We love Fancy Nancy! We'll dress up in all our fancy clothes!" and Seth said, "Super! I'll join the party!"

So go to the library we did. And good times we had.

Although Miriam kept giving Seth this look while waiting for the party to start.

Rebekah's colorful hair. Aunt Jessica told her minutes before we left for the party that you can use washable markers in your hair. She went to town.

Analee working on her project.

Miriam's acrostic with fancy words.

Winnie's fancy box.

Posing with fancy props.

Posing in fancy poses.

While I was helping Winnie with her craft, I spied Miriam teaching Seth how to scarf dance. It was a hoot.

After the party, Seth rubbed off the makeup and changed back to his own clothes. And he spent the rest of the afternoon mowing the lawn, changing the oil in the generator, irrigating the lawn and using a heat gun to remove the tinting from his truck's windows. You know, manly things.

So I guess Miriam's pre-party lunch prayer was answered: "Please help us remember that Dad is not a girl."