SRRYJ 2015

We love the annual Snake River Roaring Youth Jam. What's not to love? Free art projects for the kids to do. Beautiful scenery along the Idaho Falls greenbelt. Messy fun with paint. This year we upped the ante by inviting along cousins and grandparents.

Miriam driving the paper airplane bench with Cooper as her co-pilot.

Winnie, Miri and Kelsey at the Junk Jam.

Bekah tossing balls into a toilet. Seriously.

Helping Winnie contribute to the Jackson Pollock-style painting.

Taking her painting seriously.

Winnie wearing the glasses Analee made from pipe cleaners.

Analee made a pirate hook for cousin Charlotte.

Miriam, Analee and Emma at the paper-making station.

Eating a picnic lunch at Civitan Park.

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