Island Park camping

We've had our travel trailer for more than a year now, and it has absolutely revolutionized camping for me. Instead of having to pack everything in the back of the truck and set it all up at camp, we can throw it in the trailer, haul it up there and have everything we need. Besides, I feel more secure in a trailer versus a tent, and with four little ones, that's a load off my mind.

Before, we have taken the trailer to my brother's house in Washington, archery camp in Island Park, and the cabin. All those times, we were part of a larger group. We decided we needed to take it out more times this year and enjoy it as a family.

So we hitched it to the truck and hauled it to the Island Park reservoir at the very end of July.

Sidenote: We HAD intended to go on this trip three weeks prior, but that weekend the weather was horrible. Horrible as in "there's a tornado in Idaho" horrible. We were glad we stayed home. The weekend after that, Seth's cousin got married, and we wanted to be around for the festivities. The weekend after that, Seth had a kidney stone AND jury duty (what a lucky guy!), so after putting it off for nearly a month, we made it to our camping spot.

Rather than going to an RV park or a campground, we meandered through public land until we found a beautiful spot on the edge of the reservoir. Then we spent two days floating the river (twice!) through Box Canyon and playing in the water by our camp.

I don't have any photos of the floats (because I value my camera), so picture Winnie, Miriam and I in one little raft (we figured Winnie would scream bloody murder if she wasn't in the same raft as I) and Seth, Bekah and Ana in the other. The first float on Friday was fun and uneventful. The second float on Saturday, we had the same configuration, but Seth's raft hit a few more rocks this time. The bottom air chambers of the raft tore out, and that left them sitting lower in the water (and therefore hitting more rocks) than before. I found a place to stop my raft and waded out to the middle of the river to help them stop theirs so we could reconfigure the ships' manifests. With Bekah, Winnie, Miri and I in one boat and Seth and Ana sitting on the edge of theirs, we made it to the car without further incident.

On to everything I did take pictures of!

Winnie and her "monkey bunkey" in the trailer. She bought the stuffed monkey at the public library with the book bucks she earned with the summer reading program. She insisted it come camping with us.

Miriam in the trailer.

Bekah reading her Kindle in her top bunk of the trailer.

Sitting around the fire cooking s'mores.

Adorable Winnie and her enormous s'more.

Rebekah with her delicious marshmallow.

Seth with a mouthful of s'more.

It was the first time we've taken Peach camping. She chased gulls, barked at cows and swam all over the lake.

Miriam and Seth in the lake.

Analee and Rebekah floating in the water.

The girls in the water under Seth's watchful care.

Peach and Winnie headed to the water. Winnie paddled all around the edge of the lake in her float.

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