Everyone loves a parade

We celebrated the Fourth with our usual sit-on-the-curb-staring-straight-into-the-sun-sweating-buckets-and-loving-every-minute-of-it parade. Seth and my dad went early enough to save us a place by the road, and I hauled the kids to our seats in time to see bagpipes, flags and horses. We had the pleasure of attending the parade with our usual crowd (my parents, Uncle T and Aunt McKall, Bennet) and a few extras. (Uncle Ethan's family was here on a visit.)

Miriam sporting the festive headband Aunt Jessica made for her and (her current favorite pattern) cheetah spots.

Grandma Scott holding Winnie on her lap (also sporting her headband).

Rebekah and Analee wearing matching skirts and waving matching flags.

The sun and heat proved to be more than Miriam could bear.