This year we made the switch from the Ucon baseball league to the Iona league. They have more teams per age group (which results in fewer byes), better maintained fields (with covered dugouts!), snow cones for sale at both fields (with fun flavor combinations such as "Lego" and "Star Wars"!), and a longer season and tournament for the older teams.

Another bonus! Analee and Rebekah were able to play on the same team, which made for one fewer game we had to attend each day.

I chose not to coach Miriam's T-ball team this year (I had nose surgery the day of their first game, and I didn't know how long I'd be down and out), but when Bekah and Ana's coach asked if anyone wanted to be her assistant coach, I explained my situation and told her I'd be happy to help as soon as I felt better. No one else gave her a better offer, so I became the assistant coach of the flaming neon yellow/green Yankee Ponies.

Miriam's team was the Iron Men (or "Iornmen," if you believe their team pictures), and she got to play with her two cousins again this year.

Miriam was a great catcher.

Putting the ball on the tee.

Cheering with her team. (She was one of only two girls on the team again this year.)

Congratulating the other team.

Eating her post-game Gogurt.

Our Yankee Ponies played so well during the regular season that we went into the tournament seeded second. Unfortunately, we didn't take second in the tournament, but our girls played well, had fun and learned a lot throughout the season.

Bekah started out the season wanting to hit a home run SO BADLY that she had a hard time staying in the batter's box she was reaching so hard. She ended up hitting five this season and feeling very content.

But I had to remind her many, many times that, as a runner, it's not her job to watch the ball. She got better after I chided her on several occasions.

She has turned out to be an incredible fielder, too. Bekah got several girls out throughout the season. After getting used to all the catcher's gear, Rebekah decided that was her favorite position.

Scrawny little Analee surprised me with her scrappiness on the field. She loved playing infield (especially pitcher) and got her fair share of outs as well.

Analee has quite the arm. She can pelt that thing hard. Whenever she carefully aimed, she could get that ball to her target in no time.

The pitching machine was new to Ana, but she proved to be a dependable batter. 

I had fun learning all the girls' names, coaching third base and spraying them with the water bottle.

Next year, we'll be back to three teams (Bekah will move up to slow pitch), but I won't be having surgical instruments up my nose, so I'll probably coach at least one team.

And Winnie will undoubtedly continue to amuse herself with rocks, dirt and broken toys discovered in the dugout.

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