Rebekah's new pet

Rebekah with her new pet.

A little while ago, Rebekah implored Seth and I to discuss the possibility of her getting a hamster as a pet. I was on board with it, having had my own hamster as a kid. Seth didn't have any experience with hamsters, but he was easily won over.

Years ago, Seth's Aunt Cathy had given us a bunch of hamster care items, and I had stashed them in our crawlspace just in case we ever wanted to get such a rodent. So when Bekah got the green light from us, she and Seth went under the house to see exactly what we'd need to get for a hamster to come stay with us.

Basically, we had everything but the hamster.

Seth helped Bekah do some hamster research, and she had picked out the breed she wanted before I took her and her sisters to the pet store. Then she came home and put her new pet in his home.

The white winter male went a few days without a name (we referred to him as "Mr. Hamster" in the meantime), but Bekah finally picked out "Oshawatt." Our girls don't have much experience with Pokemon, but apparently Rebekah has decided that Oshawatt is the cutest Pokemon, so her hamster is deserving of such a name.

On the downside, this unusual name is hard to remember, so sometimes Miriam calls him "Rocket Jaw" instead.

Oshawatt, so far, has proved to be a great pet. He's happy to let the girls hold him or run around in his ball. 

So, for your viewing pleasure, here are some videos Rebekah has shot on her camera of her little furball.