Analee's baptism

Yesterday marked a very special day for Analee. She had previously made the decision to be baptized as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, so she and three other young people entered into the same sacred covenant at our stake baptism.

Seth performed the baptism and confirmation, and many of Analee's relatives were there to stand in the circle: Seth, Grandpa Scott, Grandpa Dennis, Great-Grandpa Hendricks, Great-Grandpa Wirkus, Uncle Jon, Uncle T, Uncle Kent, Uncle Jim and our bishop, Kim Schuldt.

The Spirit was very strong there during the meeting and ordinances. I had told Miriam to pay attention to how she felt during the baptism and confirmation. I said that if she felt happy, warm, at peace, calm, etc., that was the Holy Ghost telling her that what Ana was doing was right. She reported afterward that she did, in fact, feel the Holy Ghost.

We're so proud of Analee and her choice to follow Christ's example, and we're so happy she's a part of our family.

Seth and Analee before the baptism.

Andrea and Analee before the baptism.

Our family outside the stake center following the baptism. (I swear I didn't intentionally stand on the sidewalk so I'd look 10 inches taller than Seth.)

Sweet Grover sisters.