The Road

I always have a novel that I'm working on, but the one I finished last night deserves some sort of elite status ... like Supernovel. Seriously. One of the best books I've read. Period.

So if you haven't yet struggled with the man and his boy (they remain nameless throughout) along the road in a post-apocalyptic world, you should.

I actually told Seth last night that I wish I had an English class I could discuss this with. He reminded me that there are groups of people who read and discuss books together all the time ... and they're called book clubs. But I have yet to join one (who has time with two rugrats to chase all day?), so instead I'll give you my two cents on Cormac McCarthy's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.

Some authors write about depressing subject matter for the sake of being depressing (Ernest Hemmingway is that way for me). But other authors (like John Steinbeck) take their characters through difficult, seemingly hopeless situations to show that no matter what the circumstances, there is always good in the world. This book does the latter.

The man and his boy wander through a desolated world that has suffered a nuclear attack or something of the like (the book never specifies). All their food, clothes and possessions they have had to scavenge. They travel along the road on the way to the coast, but they must be careful of other travelers and survivors of the mass devastation; some people have resorted to cannibalism and other atrocities.

I won't divulge any more details--I wouldn't want to give anything away--but I encourage everyone to read it! So many incredible themes: the contrast of the man's extreme caution with the boy's unfaltering hope in mankind, the boundless love between a father and child, the battle between our travelers and all the horrors of man ... I could go on.

And I just found out from my dear friend Google that they're making The Road into a movie. Before this discovery, Seth and I had speculated on who could play the man "if" they were to make it a motion picture. I couldn't think of anyone. Seth suggested Nicolas Cage. I gagged. Turns out it's Viggo Mortensen. A respectable pick, we think.

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