The other day, I was looking through the summer's photos so I could get prints made. There were many that were super-cute, of course, (when you have two adorable girls, the pictures ALWAYS turn out super-cute) so I thought I'd share a few with the world. Enjoy!

This is Bekah jamming on the recycled percussion booth at the Snake River Roaring Youth Jam. The Jam is way cool. Different organizations put up booths and let the kids go willy-nilly for three days. This was our first experience attending the Jam, and I have to say we'll definitely be there next year. See the other girls in their cutesy outfits? I felt like a delinquent mom for dressing Bekah in her hand-me-down Muppet Babies shirt until ...

she got started painting. There were at least three booths where they just hand the kids paints and brushes and let them go to town. You can see that Kermy has an extra coat of green by this point. Here is Bekah playing the giant xylophone she has just painted, with Analee watching in the background. Poor Ana ... at several of the booths I wouldn't even let her out of the stroller. I didn't want her eating paint.

And here is the aftermath of the Jam. I had asked Bekah if she wanted to go to the face-painting booth, but she took that to mean that she should take the brush that was laden with black point and paint her own face.

Analee doing Wii Fit with her daddy. I think it's supposed to be some yoga pose.

This is how Ana gets up on the couch--she leads with her head.

Llama, Analee and Seth at the petting zoo at the Eastern Idaho State Fair.

Seth and Rebekah inside the giant kaleidoscope at the EISF. This is the only picture in the batch that includes me. Look to the right of Bekah.

Analee enjoying a spoonful of gingersnap cookie dough.

Bekah in the tub showing off the shiner she got from falling off the back of the couch.

Rebekah enjoying an apple on the couch before church last week. Both girls have been living up to the "apple a day" adage because of the fall crop.

Analee eating her pre-church apple while watching TV.

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