Braces tightened & surgery scheduled

I had my first post-braces-installed orthodontist appointment. Again, not fun. But not nearly as bad as the installation appointment. We're hoping that in five weeks my upper bicuspids will have rotated back to where they belong. Then I'll get a stronger wire.

And I have a surgery date--June 8, 2009! It's tentative ... but the orthodontist thinks I'll be ready to go by then. Poor Seth will have to spend his 27th birthday at the hospital with his doped-up wife who won't even be able to talk to him. Maybe he can pick up a piece of cake from the cafeteria. No candles, though. I doubt the hospital staff would appreciate their fire alarms going off.

I picked up a helpful little pamphlet called "Orthodontics and Surgery" from the ortho's office when I went last week. I thought I'd share a few choice selections:

#1--"In addition to affecting a person's appearance, an improper bite can lead to serious problems, such as abnormal tooth wear, periodontal disease, and possible joint pain."

Abnormal tooth wear. Check. The teeth on my right side are worn down a LOT more than those on my left.

Periodontal disease. Check. I had to go to the dentist several extra times so they could treat my gingivitis while I was pregnant with Bekah.

Possible joint pain. Check. Some days my jaw hurts from chewing/talking/singing too much.

So, again, I'm very grateful to be able to have the surgery. Thank you, Seth's insurance, for choosing to cover it!

#2--The four pictures on this page depict the types of problems that can be corrected by surgery and orthodontics. (Click on it to see a larger version.) Lucky me ... I fit into three of the four categories! (The lower three, to be exact.)

Anyway, those are the jaw-related updates. Goody!