Railroad Tracks

Not flattering, I know. And not natural. That's my all-teeth-showing face so you can see the lovely metalwork.

I got my braces yesterday. Two words: not fun. I just have to keep reminding myself that not only am I doing this for the straight teeth, but also for the surgery prep. I'll be so grateful when this is all over.

Highlights from the orthodontic appointment include:

* The removal of the incredibly painful and annoying spacers followed by the installation of the much more painful metal rings put around my molars.
* The slobber strings that followed the removal of the device that held my lips open for at least half an hour while the orthodontist cemented brackets to my teeth.
* My very own Aspen Orthodontics T-shirt that, if I wear it on my subsequent office visits, will earn me a spot in a drawing for super-cool prizes!
* The look on my face that prompted the assistant to put silver (not mauve, black, chartreuse or robin's egg blue) bands on my brackets.
* "Oh! Don't forget your balloons!" "My balloons?" "Yes! For getting your braces on." "Oh. Joy. Well, at least my kid will love them."

Reliving the days of being a middle-schooler are not the most pleasant, but at least when this whole process is all said and done, I'll be able to eat Big Hunks to my heart's content.