A hunting we will go

Well, we survived our week-long hunting trip, thanks in large part to Grandma and Grandpa Hendricks' cabin. We had planned on spending at least three nights in hunting camp trying out our new tent, but the hoards of bees or wasps or hornets or whatever they were persuaded us to enjoy the comfort of the cabin all week long instead.

Instead, we were visited by some nasty little gnats that apparently love to rip your flesh right along the hairline. Poor Analee was vigorously rubbing the back of her head on the church pew yesterday just to get some relief from the itchiness. Here's what they did to me:

Nasty little gnats. Bekah suffered much more than this on our last day at the cabin. I think a small army of them were setting up camp in her hair.

The pain we suffered from the bugs (of both the stinging and biting varieties) and the total lack of elk was disappointing, but we did have fun and enjoyed ourselves as well. Here's a sampling of the week's activities in pictures:

Ana helping herself to the gooey marshmallows we roasted over the fire.

Seth blowing on the marshmallows that had previously been on fire while Bekah watches.

Ana joining Grandpa Dennis in his marshmallow roasting.

Analee swinging on the swingset with Andrea while Grandpa Dennis, Bekah and Seth sit around the fire.

Bekah, Andrea and Analee on top of Sawtelle. I drove the girls up there one day while the men were out hunting. It's weird seeing pictures of myself in braces.

Analee and Bekah chasing Bekah's "friend" (a golfball) on top of Sawtelle.

Grandma Susan showing Bekah how to shoot a toy crossbow. She was aiming for a yellow styrofoam deer.

Rebekah with her cousins, Tav and Mack, outside the cabin.

View from the top of a mountain that Seth and Andrea climbed on a 4-wheeler one evening. It's the year of the forest fire in Island Park.

Seth striking a pose on top of the mountain. Looking good in camo.

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