So long, old friend

My G3 iMac comes from humble roots. Purchased for $125 (a steal!) from the BYU-Idaho surplus sale by Seth, then hauled down the hill to our apartment by Seth (like, 10 miles, by foot, Seth adds), then unveiled by Seth. It was an incredible gift, especially considering that the same amount of money could have paid for a week's rent.

But, alas, it is time to say goodbye. My trusty Mac, the one I turned to to design ads for Publication Design, to fix the levels on all my photos, to play Pocket Tanks when I just needed to blow something up with a Funky Bomb. It has served its purpose well, but now it's time for it to retire.

So at this very moment, I'm typing on my new, PRETTY G4 iMac. Seriously. I cannot get over just how PRETTY it is. Don't believe me? Check this out:

Okay, so the Craigslist photo doesn't do it justice. But you at least get the idea.

And yes, Seth had to do all the back-breaking work again. He found the ad, e-mailed the guy, called the guy, went to pick up and pay for the computer, then went about setting it up only to discover that he had left the power cord at the guy's house (which is a good 25-minute drive from our home), so he called the guy again, then drove back out to pick it up. And while I worked on various household chores, Seth labored over the pretty white keyboard so I could have all the applications installed that I could ever hope for.

Man, this guy must love me. Either that, or he secretly loves Macs. Shhh ... don't tell his Linux-loving co-workers.