For three years I have entered photos into the Eastern Idaho State Fair to be judged. And after the first two years, I have been both pleased and disgruntled at the results. Pleased because I won ribbons. Disgruntled because none of them were blue.

This year I was dead-set on getting a blue. I told my brother that if I didn't win one, I'd steal one from another photo and put it on mine.

I'm pleased to say that, although I won one less ribbon that each of the previous years, I made up for it by finally getting my blue (or gold, as Seth kept referring to it ... gotta love the Olympics).

Here are my winners:

Honorable Mention--entered into the category "series." Although I shot these pics of Bekah years ago, I didn't enter them into the fair until this year.

Second place--Portrait of a couple. I shot my childhood best friend, Lauralynn, and her fiance in February.

Second place--candid wedding. The bride chose to wear black Converse sneakers with green shoelaces, so we took advantage of her unique choice of bridal footwear outside the Idaho Falls temple.

First place--portrait of a bride. Somehow I knew this picture of my sister would be my best shot at gold.

After viewing the other winners, I've decided on a sure-fire equation for next year's entries:

People in water/waterfalls + poses with hands near the face + American flag as a prop = certain Best of Show.

For those interested in viewing all of this year's entries, click here.