kiddies can rock with tmbg

It's Ethan's fault. I have an obsession with They Might Be Giants, an alternative rock group that's been writing and performing for 20 years.

I blame my brother because he's the one that introduced me to such classics as "Mammal" and "Particle Man" when I was an impressionable grade-schooler. Since then, I've reveled in songs from their more recently released albums such as "Dr. Worm" and "The Mesopotamians."

My love for TMBG runs deeply. The day before Seth returned from his mission, I was not shopping for a new outfit to wear at our first face-to-face meeting in two years. I was not making a "Welcome Home" banner or planning refreshments for the wedding reception. Nope. I was at the Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake attending a TMBG concert. Although our wedding and the births of our children rank No. 1 in my life as the most important events of my life, July 23, 2003, ranks right up there too.

John Flansburgh (guitar) and John Linnell (accordion) of They Might Be Giants, playing at the Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City, Utah, on July 23, 2003.

Me holding the TMBG shirt I paid dearly for ($20!) after the concert.

And now I'm passing that legacy on to my children. TMBG has released three children's albums, the most recent of which is called Here Come the 123s. We have a copy that plays in the van nearly every time we drive anywhere (the exception being Sundays when we're going to/from church), and Bekah loves to sing along. Her favorite song is "High Five," a throwback to the disco era that includes such lovable lyrics as:

High five! Up top!
Low five! Don't stop!
Slap me five! Wooooo!
Down low, too slow!

Now what three-year-old (or 25-year-old, for that matter) could resist those?

Anyway, if any of you readers in the blogosphere have children, I'd highly recommend the album. It's my favorite of their three children's albums by far. And if you want to check out the cutest video of children performing "Seven," click here.

Edit by Seth:
I must admit I've become a fan since Andrea and I were married. Apart from those Andrea mentioned, here are some of my favorites:


Other Edit by Seth, five minutes later:
Wow, after watching those music videos, I am reminded what huge nerds they are. This band really is perfect for Andrea and I.