hey there, baby cakes

The other day I received an invitation for a fellow Bonneville alumna's baby shower. So while shopping at Target for a gift, I opted to do something a little more labor intensive than just picking up a package of onesies and slapping a bow on it. Instead, inspired by such Web sites as this and this, I created a diaper cake. I used about 30-40 diapers (size 3 so I could use the rest of the box for Analee), some rubber bands, scotch tape and ribbon to create the tiers. Then I placed the little sample/travel size baby wash, powder, etc. under the rubber band and ribbon and threaded a couple of pacifiers through so they'd stay in place. The stuffed lion is pinned down so as to not topple from his diaper throne. Overall, I was incredibly happy with the results. I think it's cute!

The entire "cake." They're having a boy.

Detail of the top tier.

Detail of the bottom tier.