happy, happy birthday, ana dear

Through my blog-stalking, I've seen lots of women who lament when their babies turn 1. "He used to be so tiny!" "I miss the days of rocking her to sleep!" "His little toothless smile was so precious!"

Not me. Onward and upward, I say. Not-so-tiny means she can walk around by herself and not have to be carried everywhere. Not-rocking means she is old enough to soothe herself into slumber without me having to stare bleary-eyed at the TV at 2:37 a.m. Not-toothless means I don't have to cook everything until it's limp as a noodle and mash it beyond recognition.

Now don't get me wrong--I love babies. I really do. But I see no problems with my little Analee celebrating her first birthday, thereby transitioning from baby to toddler.

So ... happy birthday Ana! Here's how we celebrated:

Before her birthday, Grandma and Grandpa Grover brought by a gift bag with some toys (they were going out of town and wanted to be early rather than late). Both Ana and Bekah enjoyed exploring the new goodies.

Grandma and Grandpa Grover helping Analee check out all the buttons on her Noah's Ark toy.

The day of her birthday (Saturday), both girls were feeling pretty yucky. Turns out it was a viral thing that has since evolved into an earache for Ana. So we kept it low-key. After Seth and I worked on the weekend housework and some yard work, Bekah unveiled the family's present to Ana--a walker/rider toy. We have to keep reminding Bekah that she's too small to ride on it.

Ana (and Seth) getting a kick out of her new toy. (Please ignore the laundry in the background. At least it's clean, right?)

That night after dinner we had the birthday cake, and Ana's reaction to her first slice was much different than Bekah's on her first birthday. Ana reveled in it, smashed her fingers into it, and licked off as much frosting as possible. Bekah would hardly touch hers.

Analee digging in.

We had planned on taking the girls around to decorate some family graves in the area (it being Memorial Day weekend and all), but Ana was feeling so tired by this point that Seth and I thought it best that Ana stay behind. So Bekah and I met up with my mom, sister and grandpa to do the decorating. Grandma Scott planned on stopping by our house afterward to give Ana her present, but Seth called and said that he had put Ana to bed early because she was so tired. So, instead, Grandma left the present with me, and Ana opened it the next day.

Ana reading the elephant book Grandma and Grandpa Scott gave her. You can see the dress that Grandma made her, too.

This is a fun time of year for our little Grover family. Within three weeks we celebrate three-fourths of our members' birthdays (I'm the odd one out with a September birthday). Stay tuned for future posts on Seth's birthday (June 8) and Rebekah's birthday (June 14).