utah, land of the land

I'm a little slow in writing this, but darnit! ... When you go on a trip, you spend the next week catching up at home from being gone, so I'm finally getting around to it now.

Seth and I had an appointment in Salt Lake on Thursday, April 3, so that morning we dropped the kiddies off at grandma's and headed off to the Great Salty South. Rather than doing a there-and-back thing, we decided to make a weekend of it.

Here are the highlights from our trip:

The Cathedral of the Madeleine. A group of students was there as we entered, and Seth and I determined that it must have been a parochial school's choir group, because they sung two songs in Latin that sounded absolutely amazing with the cathedral's acoustics.

Seth outside the cathedral.

The choir holding hands around the altar and singing in Latin.

The organ pipes and some of the stained glass that surrounds the chapel.

The Capitol, which Seth had never seen before, and I hadn't seen in probably 15 years. They are mostly done with the remodeling, so we got to see the renovations.

You can see a bride and groom getting pictures taken by the far staircase.

Seth looking over the railing on the Capitol's third story.

Food. As a part of our quest to try a different type of ethnic food with every trip to Utah, we ate at the Bombay House for dinner. It was scrumptious, but I think I liked Seth's coconut chicken stuff better than my barbecue lamb stuff.

BYU. Although Seth was born there while his parents were attending BYU, he hadn't been back to campus since his infancy, so we checked out a few choice spots: the Monte Bean Museum, the art gallery, the creamery and the Wilkinson Center.

Seth's mission president (Spencer Christensen) and his family. They told us they enjoyed the visit, but next time we have to bring the kids. (When you get older, you get more boring, so you have to bring extra entertainment ... in the form of offspring.)

Seth's other mission president. The one he had for the last three weeks of his two-year stay hosted a mission reunion. Seth was a little doubtful that anyone he knew would show up, but just as we were getting ready to go (after eating the treats, of course), in walked one of his favorite companions. So we stayed another hour and chatted with him and his lovely wife.

After our little Utah sojourn we traveled back to Idaho on Saturday just in time for the Scott family reunion in Stone. And after that, I played a week of catch-up.