a family resemblance

You know those families where all the children look like little clones of each other? There are slight variations, of course, but if you've seen one of the kids, you can recognize any other from the same set of parents. Well, I always thought that our family was exactly the opposite. In fact, when Jessica and I lived in the same apartment complex and the same ward in college, most people didn't realize we were sisters even though we shared a last name.

From a family photo taken about 2001.

But I learned, from the aforementioned online morphing program (Have you tried it yet? Go ahead ... make yourself look like a chimp!), that I would look eerily like at least two of my brothers if I were male.

Warning: The following picture may be considered disturbing. Or, at least, the maker of the picture may be considered disturbed.

Ethan, Man Andrea (Mandrea, for short), and Tyson. Thanks for letting me steal pictures from your Facebook pages, bros.