Our Ethnically Diverse Little Family

Last night before bed I ran across the Perception Laboratory's Face Transformer, which basically uses face recognition algorithms to transform your race, age, or even species. Well, pretty soon, what with Andrea being tired and my mind being half-twisted anyway, we were getting pretty crazy. A little Photoshopping thrown in the mix and you've got genuine Twilight Zone stuff. But I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

I think we all look pretty convincing as Asians...

To quote Borat, "Genuine chocolate face. No make up!"

Andrea says we're really mean as parents to do this to our poor children. "Danged dirty apes!"

This one gives me the willies. We're like a family of Crypt Keepers. Either that or we looked into the ark.

You can view the whole mess here. And, of course, you can try for yourself.