mixing things up

It's amazing what one night of totally uninterrupted sleep can do for a person.

It's not unusual for Seth and/or I to hear Rebekah climb out of her bed in the night and try to join us in ours (She can't tell time! She doesn't realize it's not morning!), but the night before last we got a glorious eight hours of continuous sleep.

So yesterday, feeling particularly refreshed and ambitious, I took it upon myself to rearrange the furniture in three rooms: the living room, the extra bedroom/study downstairs, and Rebekah's room. The little imp (Rebekah) had figured out that, when she's SUPPOSED to be napping, she could climb up into the cubby hole at the head of her bed and get into the photographic equipment I store up there. More than once I would peek my head in to see if she had fallen asleep to find her "jumping rope" with one of the longer cords.

But she has been thwarted!

I moved her bed under the window and slid the dresser over where the bed used to be. The dresser is not as long as the bed is, so there is now a gap between the end of the dresser and the edge of the cubby hole, which is in the same wall as the door.

Rebekah's room's "new look." (You can see the poster of Jesus mentioned in a previous post.)

I was feeling very pleased with myself, and Bekah was excited as well ("Thank you, Mommy, for my new room!"). But the jumble caused an unforeseen problem.

Last night, I woke up to see Seth getting out of bed and going into Bekah's room. I heard her crying and him consoling her, and then he dragged himself back into bed.

"What time is it?" I asked.


"I didn't even hear her. What was wrong?"

"I heard her whimpering, so I went into her room. I couldn't see Bekah anywhere, but it was dark. Then I found her behind the curtain in the closet. She was just standing in there crying."

She got lost! I moved things around on her, and when she tried to come find us in the night, she got confused and ended up in the closet. Poor girl.

I asked Seth if I should put the room back the way it was, but we decided against it. It might take her a few more nights of finding herself amongst the shoes, books and clothes in the closet, but it beats her messing around with expensive lights and cords.