photo ops

I guess I got a little snap-happy the other night; Analee's incredibly messy face set it off, followed by Bekah's bathtime and the girls playing together in Analee's crib. To view the entire album, click here.

It's amazing to me how quickly these girls are growing. Rebekah is saying more and more. A few of our favorite things she utters right now are, "You know!" and "Knock, knock. Anybody come in?" And she's such a good big sister. Rebekah loves tickling Analee and retrieving her "baba" (pacifier) and toys for her to play with.

Looking at these girls side-by-side, you'd never guess that they're sisters. Rebekah was so scrawny as a baby, and her fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair are quite unlike Analee's robustness, darker complexion and brown peach fuzz and eyes. But they do have one thing in common -- the pediatrician says that their head sizes are off the charts for their age groups. I guess they just need extra room for their genius-brains!

We are incredibly lucky parents to have such beautiful daughters!