our crazy saturday

We had a super-busy day Saturday that included three members of the family being stars in their own right. Seth's brother Kent arranged for a group of them to play jazz and Christmas music at Barnes and Noble at the Grand Teton Mall. Seth packed up his guitar and amp so he could play, and I packed up the girls so we could watch and listen.

Then we ran home and quickly re-packed the diaper bag so we could go to our ward Christmas party. The organizers had announced in church Sunday that the children were welcome to dress up for a live nativity they would be putting on, so I hot-glued a simple donkey costume for Bekah because I thought she has a firmer grasp on what a donkey is versus, say, a shepherd or wise man. It turns out that Bekah was the ONLY donkey there that night, and so she got to come in with Mary and Joseph while most of the other children had to wait until the appropriate time for angels and shepherds to appear. Apparently Bekah showed too much interest in baby Jesus for a donkey, because Joseph felt it his duty to reprimand her.

Seth again got the chance to rock out on his guitar by singing "O, Holy Night" as a part of the program. Actually, it was supposed to be my mother-in-law and I singing "There within a Stable," but we dodged the bullet because Susan was too swamped with grading to practice a song we had never heard of before. Thank heavens Seth filled in for us.

Analee was a star simply because she's so dad-gum cute. She gets really giggly right before bedtime, so Grandpa Grover was having a blast playing with her at the church.

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