(Rebekah, Seth and Analee with the turkeys we made for Family Home Evening. Bekah helped to cut out the paper and choose the colors for the tail.)

For Thanksgiving we played musical families and visited with both sides of the family. First we started out the day with going to Grandma and Grandpa Scott's. We (Jessica, Tyson, Grandpa Wirkus, Grandma and Grandpa Scott, plus our family) ate a tremendous amount of food, thanks to Grandma. Bekah loved the ham. We took it easy for a while, and then we packed it up and drove to Great-Grandma Grover's house. There we ate more food and visited with Rachel, Justin, Kent, Grandma and Grandpa Grover and Old Nana (as Bekah calls Great-Grandma Grover).

The day after Thanksgiving was at least as eventful as the Big Turkey Day itself. We loaded up the truck with fifty layers of warm clothes apiece and met up with the Scotts to hunt for the elusive Perfect Christmas tree. It was actually warmer at Fall Creek than here in Idaho Falls, so I went easy on the layers so we wouldn't be sweating. Bekah tromped through the traces of snow on the ground, held hands with Daddy or Aunt Jessica or rode on shoulders. Analee was strapped on my stomach inside my coat. The Scotts and Grovers both found handsome trees, and then we ate lunch before packing back up and heading home.

After unloading the truck, taking a shower and changing clothes, our family set off to Rexburg to celebrate Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa's 50th wedding anniversary at a family party at their church. All of Grandma and Grandpa's children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren were there (minus one grandkid who is serving a mission), and there was much merriment in eating, talking, looking at photo albums and successfully taking a monstrous group picture.

Today the girls and I are taking it easy at home (and trying to clean all of our messes up) while Seth tries one last time to get an elk this season. Hopefully we'll be eating elk steaks soon!