polish up the spanglish, we've got mission photos

For a while now I've wanted to scan all of the photos from my mission to the Rio Grande valley in South Texas, but many things stopped me from doing it. Okay, mostly it was one thing: being lazy. Aaron Burr told me to keep putting it off, so I did. But no more, Mr. Vice-President!

Over the last few days I've done a marathon of sorting, scanning, resizing, cropping, renaming, removing duplicates, and converting, and have come up with 431 photos which span the two years of my mission. Once they were digital, I thought, "Why not let Big Brother have a look?", so off to the inter-tubes they went.

I've arranged the photos into 5 albums:

I haven't got any captions on the photos (yet), but the filenames contain the date (for some I was only sure of the month, not the day) and the photos are in chronological order in their respective albums.

Anyway, I hope someone out there on the Endless Wire enjoys this glimpse into the happiest/saddest easiest/hardest years of my life. If you do, leave a comment or drop me a line.