my sister can beat up your dad

I just have to mention that my sister is the toughest chick on the planet. My sister can beat up your sister. My sister can probably beat up your dad.

We (Dad, Rachel, Rachel's husband Justin, and I) loaded up yesterday morning to venture out in search of the monster buck which will become Rachel's first. Early in the morning, we parked the pickup and walked up on top of a ridge. There we saw a herd of a dozen or so deer, including a really nice buck.

Rach got lined up for the shot and took it. She just missed. I was watching the deer through the binoculars, and wondered, "Why isn't she reloading for a second shot?" Then I looked over at her and saw the blood...

The shooting stick monopod-thing she was using to steady herself had been set a little too short, so she had placed her face a little too close to the scope. The recoil of the gun had thrust the scope backwards into her face, cutting her and blackening her eye.

We got the bleeding stopped, got in the truck and sped down the road to try to cut the deer off over the next ridge. She ended up getting another shot, but the deer was running and quite a ways off, so it just wasn't in the cards for us just then.

To make a long story short, we hunted the rest of the day and Rachel didn't complain a bit. We saw 129 deer (but only two bucks worth shooting at). We got home well after dark, after which Rachel and Justin drove to the hospital where she got 11 stitches. Now that's a woman.

So, here's to Rachel, my tough, beautiful sister.